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Novatek roll plantOddy Novatek 428 bread roll plants utilise the latest technology to produce a wide range of morning goods. The roll plants are custom built to individual bakery requirements and offer ultimate flexibility and weight range. Lane blanking and interchangeable plunger blocks give a weight range of 10g – 470g. One man operation, with bulk dough feed by the mixer operator.

Electronic programmable control is an option, with programmes stored and recalled at the touch of a button controlling speed, weight, moulding and batching configurations on the automatic bread panner.

Intermediate proofing, single or multihead seeding, and indexing cross conveyors can be incorporated.

The Novatek range of 428 divider moulders offers:

  • Weight range 10g to 470g (1/3 oz to 16oz) (with change parts)
  • Bulk dough feed – reduces labour requirement
  • Dry process eliminates cost of divider oil
  • Easy cleaning reduces down time
  • Lane reduction down to one or two rows for large pieces
  • Gentle dividing action
  • Programmable control option but with manual override
  • Stainless steel covers with safety interlocks are standard
  • Low noise level

Output/weight range: (morning goods)

Novatek Model Weight Range Max Hourly Output
428 – 3 Lane roll plant 10g – 195g 9000
428 – 4 Lane roll plant 10g – 195g 12,000
428 – 5 Lane roll plant 10g – 100g 15,000
428 – 5S Lane roll plant 10g – 195g 15,000
428 – 6S Lane roll plant 10g – 195g 18,000
428 – 8S Lane roll plant 10g – 100g 24,000
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