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Roll dividerThis compact but rugged bread roll divider has established itself in small to medium sized bakeries and supermarket in-store bakeries due to its versatility and reliability.

Capable of gently processing a wide variety of doughs the Novatek 2 dough divider uses no divider oil, which means not only reduced running costs but also an extremely clean machine.

  • 2 or 3 row configuration roll divider.
  • Standard inbuilt bulk dough conveyor (55kg).
  • Rounded products are discharged on standard conveyor or optional spreading bands.
  • Weight range of 10g to 208g (with change parts) across all rows simultaneously.
  • Weight range 208g – 500g in single row with change parts.
  • Maximum output of 50 dough pieces per row per minute (depending on dough weight).
  • Stainless steel covers with safety interlocks as standard.
  • Gentle dough dividing action.
  • Low noise level >76dB(A).
  • Dry process eliminates cost of divider oil.
  • Easy cleaning reducing downtime.
  • Optional Integral pinner/moulder.

The standard bulk feed conveyor accepts 55kg (120lbs) of dough at a single fill avoiding the need for constant operator attention.

The output speed of the roll divider can be fixed to the meet customer’s specific requirement but variable speed drive is standard.

At the heart of the machine is a low stress scaling cylinder which, with change parts, gives a weight range of 10g – 500g (0.3oz – 17.5oz), to cater for any change in consumer trends.

Minimal maintenance is required due to the extensive use of sealed bearings, special materials and long life non-stick coatings.

Lockable castors are fitted as standard for ease of movement when carrying out routine bakery cleaning. Fixed legs can be fitted if required.

When used in conjunction with an Oddy pinner/moulder one operator can produce everything from small dinner buns and baps to long rolls (up to 230mm / 9″ in length), all consistent in weight, size and shape.

If space is of concern then an optional integral pinner/moulder can be fitted. This unit is secured directly to the divider/rounder and requires less floor space.

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