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Used downstream of divider/rounders and/or provers these tables mould the dough pieces in to various shapes and sizes to produce bread cakes, baps, finger rolls etc.     Available in belt widths of 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm.     Modular design enables the table to be configured to suit the customer’s specification. This allows single or multiple modules to be installed or removed should a change in product requirement dictate.     Tables are configured from numerous modules and quantities, which can be:         Horizontal sheeting rollers         Vertical sheeting rollers (fed from provers)         Pinning rollers         Flour sifters         Pressure boards         Universal channel boards         Top belt pinners         Coiling chains         Powered discharge roller (used on cross sheeters)     Standard table height is 1000mm (belt level to floor) but special heights can be accommodated to suit other equipment and special designs.     Tables are supplied mounted on legs as standard but can be mounted on lockable castors if required.

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